How To Prepare Your Converters

Jacksonville FL Scrap Yard
  1. Ensure the pipes on each end are removed to where the inside is visible.
  2. Do not remove material from the converter itself.

Papers You Will Need

  1. If a company removed your converter, a receipt from the company that replaced your converter is required. You must have a receipt with your name on it.
  2. If you personally removed your converter, a notarized statement from your local bank or notary that the converter belongs to you is required.

State Law

You must receive a check for catalytic converters under state law. You may not receive cash for converters in Florida.

We can cut a check to a business or the owner of a business at the point of sale. Business owners may be handed the check if they wish but can choose to have it mailed.

Individuals that do not own a business must be mailed the check per state law.