How to Prepare Brass Metal

scrap yards in Jacksonville FloridaBrass Metal is typically found on copper tubing and pipes. It’s one of the highest-paying scrap metals. Brass can also be scrapped from brass instruments as well. Brass is worth money, but not as much as copper. When it is attached to copper pipe and tubes, it should be cut off and separated from the rest of the copper, whether the copper is considered to be clean, or “contaminated” meaning Copper #2 scrap metal.

Brass scrap metal is priced by the pound and the rate per pound that you can get for bringing it to our Jacksonville scrap yard will depend on the market rates for brass at the time. The greater your weight, the greater your dollar amount will be. We will weigh your brass metal separately from copper and any other scrap metal that you are bringing and give you a price based on the weight and condition of the metal. Brass musical instruments tend to weigh anywhere from 2 pounds to 30 pounds for a Tuba, for instance. Thee are typically considered dirty brass, however, they will still bring good money. Are you searching for places to scrap metal in Jacksonville, Florida? Jax Scrap Metal Recycling is the top spot! To prepare brass you will need to remove all plastic, steel, and plastic.

Why Do We Buy Brass Metal

Not only is brass a metal that is worth money, but it also helps out other industries when brass is recycled versus having to pay for brass to be made. The scrap recycling process uses much less energy than manufacturing brass. Reusing brass from scrapped recycled material is a better use of natural resources. It’s just one way that we are doing our part for the environment.

How to Tell Brass Metal from Copper

Brass and copper look a lot alike. The color can be similar and both are definitely metal. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Many times it is substituted for gold.  You can find it in plumbing fittings, drains, fixtures (at times with chrome plating) car radiators, doorknobs, and trim hardware.  To the untrained eye, these can appear to be the same, however, the price per pound for each is quite different. Brass metal typically is more uniform in color, consistent yellow. Copper can be of various colors depending on the degree of oxidation and “contamination”.

Types of Brass Scrap Metal

Refinery Brass

This type of brass is typically a large percentage of copper and about 5% minimum iron. It is comprised of copper, brass, and bronze into an alloyed metal. There are no plastics found in this grade.

Red Brass Solids / Turnings

This includes red brass solids scrap such as valves, machinery bearings that may be comprised of copper with tin, lead, and/or zinc alloys. Red brass can also consist of borings, turnings, and grinding from red brass solids. Small bits and pieces of larger metals.

Old Yellow Brass

You’ll see sheet metal, tubing, rod and castings, and other plated material that are classified as old yellow brass at our Jacksonville scrap yard.

Brass metal can be found in other items such as automotive radiators, heater cores, insulated brass wire, and wire connectors. Some variations of the brass may be considered dirty brass because it is coated with other materials such as paint, oil, glass, and other metals depending on the product. These could be trophies, candlestick stands, ammunition, railings, and even plates.

Recycling brass metal in Florida at our scrap yard can put money in your pocket. Start scrapping your brass metal today at our Jacksonville FL scrap yard. We take all different types of metals including brass metal, both dirty and clean. You should separate your metals before bringing them to the yard. We’ll weigh everything and then price each metal separately and provide you with money the same day.

Jacksonville Scrap Yard Reviews

Our reviews speak for themselves. We love helping our customers. We take special care to explain the prices and what can be scrapped. We operate keeping in mind all of the pertinent Florida state laws regarding the scrapping of metals.

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